Kenehamon Schnapps

I made what I like to call Kenehamon Schnapps Tincture from scratch(ish)… Let me just say I think it smelled yummy while it was cooking, taste even better than I expected, and is quite effective. I slept like a baby after taking a shot of the concoction.

How do I detox? I recharge my battery.

Firstly, let me say detoxing my body, spirit, and mind started with my diet and chemical exposure. From there I started shutting out toxic people from my daily interactions because they are battery drainers rather than chargers. Interestingly enough it is the negative that gives the charge to the battery to make it positive, thereforeContinue reading “How do I detox? I recharge my battery.”

Facial Pain… An Infection or CRPS Flare-up

Three years ago a dentist attempted to save my jawline by not pull three of my molars that had degraded along the gum-line where previous dentists pried against the remaining tooth for leverage to extract my wisdom teeth because the roots were and probably still are healthy and vital to the formation of the jaw.Continue reading “Facial Pain… An Infection or CRPS Flare-up”