Mindfulness, CBT & ACT FOR CHRONIC PAIN BY: Howard Schubiner M.D This week’s featured article is Mindfulness, CBT & ACT for Chronic Pain by Howard Schubiner, M.D. published in Psychology Today. I believe it to be an excellent read. Allow me to recommend a nice quiet location when you have time to give it a good readContinue reading “MODALITIES FOR PAIN REDUCTION”

Looking for the rest of “The 10 Steps”?

Well, it seems I’ve stumbled along my journey and as such I have needed to take a fewdays for respite. Illnesses, symptoms and the like are complicated with CRPS and recovery tends to be delayed from time to time. I will be back to blogging soon. I just need a bit more time to prioritizeContinue reading “Looking for the rest of “The 10 Steps”?”