It was a hardware failure. For a while after my diagnosis with a chronic invisible illness, as the shock of the reality wore off, I realized I was lost. I went from “caregiver to care-given” in a matter of seconds. As a part of the society around us, we define ourselves accordingly and I no […]

Facial Pain… An Infection or CRPS Flare-up

Three years ago a dentist attempted to save my jawline by not pull three of my molars that had degraded along the gum-line where previous dentists pried against the remaining tooth for leverage to extract my wisdom teeth because the roots were and probably still are healthy and vital to the formation of the jaw. […]

French Fries: A Good Idea?

Honesty with yourself is the best policy and to be honest… I went to McDonald’s last week (watch the Video Here) which I believe was maybe the dumbest idea I’ve had in a while. I am always talking how diet is important. Well, I went and completely disrupted my week with inflammation, a “nausea and […]