November was declared across the United States of America as “National Complex Region Pain Syndrome” month in 2015? Did you know there was an official awareness ribbon and it isn’t orange and that in fact, the use of the orange ribbon is an infringement of the copyright protected by an animal rights organization called Animal Guardians”?Continue reading “DID YOU KNOW THAT…”

How do I detox? I recharge my battery.

Firstly, let me say detoxing my body, spirit, and mind started with my diet and chemical exposure. From there I started shutting out toxic people from my daily interactions because they are battery drainers rather than chargers. Interestingly enough it is the negative that gives the charge to the battery to make it positive, thereforeContinue reading “How do I detox? I recharge my battery.”

Episode 01 Maiden Voyage Adventures

Being a fairly reserved individual I’ve kept to myself much of my life when it came to strangers, people I’ve never met, I tend to stand quietly in the background watching. After my diagnosis and second chance at life through lifestyle changes, I realized IF ONLY someone had shown me this sooner… I could haveContinue reading “Episode 01 Maiden Voyage Adventures”