The Struggle Goes On

Not sure if I really need to write anything here I think the title says it all without telling the tale. Besides negotiating the insurance claim process, holidays without family near and CRPS on a daily basis I realize I am doing myself a dis-justice not listening to the wise words of the United StatesContinue reading “The Struggle Goes On”

Kenehamon Schnapps

I made what I like to call Kenehamon Schnapps Tincture from scratch(ish)… Let me just say I think it smelled yummy while it was cooking, taste even better than I expected, and is quite effective. I slept like a baby after taking a shot of the concoction.

Weather, CRPS & NO BINGO tonight…

Because of the inflammatory aspect of this condition many of us contend with pain related to weather changes and sometimes we have to beg out from attending social situations due to the pain we are dealing with. Today is nothing I haven’t dealt with before this is not the worse pain I have ever felt,Continue reading “Weather, CRPS & NO BINGO tonight…”