RVing in the Cold and CRPS

“No matter where you go there you are.” I’ve been saying this from the time my offspring was in grade school. Well, here I am in the Northwest of the good old US of A in mid October. Ok no problem, I survived the coldest and warmest year on record, in the same month, in Kansas in an RV what could go wrong Boondocking here?

Where to start?

… The heater quit, then we found the duct system was incomplete straight from the manufacturer, the single battery the RV comes with isn’t enough to last 3 hours in the cold with only the fridge and heater running which then depletes the life of the battery and weakens it, the new generator we purchased to maintain battery charge and use the AC, TV and such to start this journey has a problem and isn’t running right… Then there is the water collecting under the shower pan that only shows up when we syphon water into the holding tank, the security latch on the bathroom shower door broke, and there are screws falling out everywhere! And everyone says they’re jealous they want to full-time rv but this is the real life story of a full-time rv’er, the life no one is jealous of.

I knew whipping this thing into a full-time lifestyle would be difficult. Keep in mind that I’m a Serial RV’er, a repeat offender. In my life starting back in 1988 this is my 4th time full-time RV living. I’ve got a total of eight plus years of RV living experience, this is my second time boondocking but the first time doing so in the cold and I have to admit I saw this thing was new and a four season and expected more than we got.

I’m not a big fan of slides, yes they make it bigger, homier, but they also make it draftier. Okay, so I don’t have to worry about a poopcycle because of the enclosed belly but beyond that give me back my two season, no slide having tin can please! Oh it’s a Grand Design all right the reflection at this point is do the engineers who design these things actually spend anytime in them? Do they RV? I’m gonna say, NO!

That said it is what it is and no matter where I go there I am and here is where that is… SO! Let’s make the best of it. The adventures, the day hike in the mountains when it snowed on us, the hot springs, the visiting with family and friends we haven’t seen in eons makes the hardship of prepping this ship for occupancy worth it. This is a permanent vacation for an undecided amount of time while we decide what, where and when we want to be someplace. Might search for land to purchase to hop skip and jump around on, we might join the RV campground resort plans and run in that crowd, might decide to …

Oh, who knows what we might decided to do at this moment simply because being able to bring my clean eating, perfume and chemical free lifestyle with me makes this all possible.

In getting to this place in time, I had to go through the sticks and bricks house we lived in and figure out how to bring it with me. I stopped in each and every room, then asked myself how tis one room served me, what did I need from it and how to condense it into less than 240sf. So far I’ve succeeded quite well and now it is all about learning to function within that 240sf easily.

So, how am I, you ask?Honestly, had the town official not stepped up on me and triggered the PTSD living trough a domestic violence relationship caused I’d be doing better… You might question if the lifestyle is too much for me living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and I’m gonna argue that heaters quit, toilets back up, things fall apart, need cleaned, fixed or rplaced no matter where you live if I can not only figure out what the doctors cannot and do it on the road in an RV on the fly with inconsistencies you too can make a difference in your health.

Again, I’m no doctor, this is no cure, however I firmly believe based upon my own experience and that of others like us with autoimmune disorders that if we stop the damage caused by our boxed up and ready to eat, our everything’s gotta smell like a bouquette of flowers world we will find improvement we never imagined possible.

Now to actually get that video update done…but I am tired and cold at the moment… It’s been 8 weeks and this next moving day will be our 18th move in 7 states, it’s time to think about settling in someplace for the winter months or head south like the birds do.

Told you I’d been busy and this isn’t even the fun parts.

Published by lisa proctor

Since 2012 I have suffered the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Moreover, through lifestyle changes, I've taken back control of my life and regain much of the independence I thought lost to me. It is for this very reason I wish to share my discoveries with others with the hope that it will serve you as well.

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