I started chiropractics.

I am recuperating from a nasty flair with spasms & bone crushing pain. Though I’ve gotten the inflammatory response under control the spasms, the contortions that are caused and the bone crushing pain, still elude me as to why and how to fix it.

BUT! I am working on that. Twenty two (22) hours this past week watching informative videos on YouTube about the subject of the body and the causes of the disfunction and dis-ease. I’m currently in R&D phase as I’ve recently manuvered through the input/gestate phase of this journey.

In other words, I’m currently experimenting with quinine as a tincture as a bandaid for the spasms, and so far so good,while I dive into the whole vitamin and mineral deficiency issue beginning with magnesium and glutathione, in conjunction with addressing the Candida overgrowth plagueing me, as is with most of us. How? you are wondering. Oregano. Very high doses of oregano oil, three times a day and for a long long while.

Allow me to add here as a reminder, I am NOT a doctor. I don’t pretend to be nor am I gonna play one on TV. However, I am under the care of medical professionals, I am educating myself about my health and related topics then allpying that knowledge to me in an attempt to discover that which is unique to me and my bodies needs. It’s this journey I am sharing in hopes to encourage you to start your own journey to a better quality if life regardless of the autoimmune dis-ease your afflicted by.

See you down the road… I need sleep.

Published by lisa proctor

Since 2012 I have suffered the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Moreover, through lifestyle changes, I've taken back control of my life and regain much of the independence I thought lost to me. It is for this very reason I wish to share my discoveries with others with the hope that it will serve you as well.

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