I awoke yesterday morning ready to face the continuing battle of reprogramming my brain to perceive the signals they are receiving. Ready to try again consciously to grow neo-neurosynapses. Instead, I was enveloped by grief when I received a phone call telling me of the tragic passing of an individual very dear to me still to this day.

In fact, because of certain events which unfolded recently, my husband and I were planning to get together with this person and his lovely wife to discuss a good time this summer to come north for a visit and start making travel arrangements. We will still make the trip as it was about all and not just one but it just won’t be what it should have been. There won’t be pictures or videos, handshakes or hug with this individual in them with us all.

Like the stages of grief associated with chronic life-changing illness, death brings a forth the same emotions: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Any stage may be visited and revisited at any time. Whether or not you are still close or divided by time and space it is still the same emotions a person processes through with any emotional attachment be it family, friends, or lovers, yesterday or today.

Take the time to cry, to yell, to scream however it is vital that we never forget the show must go on. Reminisce about the good times, share the funny things they said or did, pass on the knowledge to those too young to understand that they were loved very much and know the spirit of that person resides within every person whose life they touched.


Published by lisa proctor

Since 2012 I have suffered the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Moreover, through lifestyle changes, I've taken back control of my life and regain much of the independence I thought lost to me. It is for this very reason I wish to share my discoveries with others with the hope that it will serve you as well.

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