It is crazy to think it is already daylight savings time. CRPS takes so much from us and when I mistakenly believe I can sway from the anti-inflammatory dietary protocol I know reduced my pain… Well, it is my own fault I hurt more than I have in the past two years.

With an autoimmune related condition we tend to face a lot of up hill battles due to our own reasoning. “Oh this one time won’t hurt me…” or sometimes we bent to peer pressure “Oh my with is life without living it to the fullest? Here have just one or two. What could it hurt?” Answer: Lost time and as such the reasoning behind the Ten Steps to Better Coping with Pain.

To which point is right where I left off, I had to do prioritize what was most important at the time and since until I was able to return my thoughts and attention to blogging once again. Do take care to not over exert yourself, your health both physically and emotionally are what’s most important. Watch for the continuation of the Ten Steps to Better Coping with Pain where we next discuss Your Rights as a patient.

Published by lisa proctor

Since 2012 I have suffered the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Moreover, through lifestyle changes, I've taken back control of my life and regain much of the independence I thought lost to me. It is for this very reason I wish to share my discoveries with others with the hope that it will serve you as well.

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