Where Do We Go From Here?


In all of my appointments with doctors during my journey of CRPS discovery, never did a single doctor discussed with me that chemical exposure and/or diet could play a large part in the root cause triggering my flare-ups. Instead, they continued to prescribe me medications known to inhibit the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Yet, I and many others who found we were chasing our tails regarding the medical community, believe in this method of holistic integrated functional medicine because of the changes in our functionality. We will never go back to our old ways because we are only limited by our commitment to clean living.

Let me put this as simply as I possibly can…

“There are no words adequate enough to express the quality of life I have regained. ~LM Proctor”


In 2015, I decided the 100% permanent disability rating from one doctor and how I felt physically was unacceptable. As I was surfing the Internet one evening, I happened upon a medical journal or research paper which contained within it a theory I’d not been exposed to before. The premise was that Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome is believed to have an autoimmune etymology.

This started me thinking see I understood what an asthma attack was and had a general understanding of why they happen. I’m a mother and I grasp how fragile a newborn baby’s body is. I was taught to introduce foods one at a time to infants and why. As well as understanding the dangers of chemical exposure to an asthmatic and I went overboard in the eyes of many.


First, I started an elimination dietary protocol I didn’t know that was what it was called. I just picked one meat, one vegetable, and one fruit, and drank only water and decaf tea. I started adding one item at a time every week and a half while watching for adverse unwanted symptoms.  Eventually, building myself a dietary  protocol designed for just me. In the end, one very reminiscent of the AIP, Keto, and Mediterranean diets combined. Whole fats, natural sugars, organic and non-gmo as possible. This site, Whole Life Nutrition, appears to be a great site for resources to strat an elimination diet of your own. This process is otherwise known as an Oligoallergenic diet designed to be comprised of very few foods to diagnose whether particular symptoms are the result of an allergic response.

Next, I removed all toxic cleaning agents from my home. I then changed all of my personal care products to unscented and chemically toxic free and my husband began smoking outside, making the effort to wash up after coming back inside.

If anyone thought I’d gone overboard and lost my mind… Well, I was just alright with that. Two years later, the doubters were wowed, not only by the functional improvement I presented with but I incurred a total weight loss of 55 lbs without exercise. That, however, is another story … involving a spinal cord stimulator and the reason why I choose removal of the implant, aka: explantation of the device.

The fact my pain level, on a scale from 1-10, was reduced from a constant 8.5 to a nice constant 4 with minimal flare-ups, was an added bonus. I’ve been able to stop all but three medications out of the nine I had been taking. I further reduced the number of opioids I took by almost two-thirds through the introduction of essential oils such as frankincense and copaiba. Along with organic, nongmo, plants rich in not only vitamins and minerals but cannabinoids as well including but not limited to non-THC containing cannabis and cannabis containing THC. You should understand that the human body has what is called an ‘Endocannabinoid system’ which provides the body with the ability to run smoothly and the addition of plants rich in these properties is very beneficial in oiling the system with CBD’s … so to speak.


People like you and me searching for answers and an alternative to invasive medical procedures. People looking to get back to the roots of medicine to get to the root of our diseases cause and effect. The very reason for this site and others… to answer the questions of… Who? Who gets it? Who understands it? Who can cure it? Who has managed to find a way to live with it until we can cure it? That’s who.

I recommend you visit the website of renowned CRPS specialist, Dr. Getson, D.O.. or view one of his YouTube videos by >>CLICKING HERE<< I’ve recently been introduced to his theories and they are very much in line with what I have come to find out on my very own. Also, I believe this site, RSD Hope is directly affiliated with Dr. Getson and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA) is non-profit group and another site vetted for quality information. Download a ‘CRPS Fact Sheet’ from the National Institute of Health <<<here>>>

Below you will find PDF’s for direct download from my cloud drive on-line through my Gmail account. I have collected these handouts from around the Internet. The first PDF is a list of chemically safer products, recommended by the Gerson Institute in Mexico, for use around the home and personal care(CLICK HERE). I believe there are other products which are safe to use BUT I find it’s easy to start with a recommendation list of products rather than consume time trying to figure it out on my own, just to get started with.

The institute’s official web portal is at www.Gerson.com. They have lots of information geared towards curing cancer as well as managing autoimmune and other diseases. I firmly believe in integrative functional medicine. Just because I don’t have cancer doesn’t mean this protocol can’t be used to help me. The next PDF is the Neurological Associates Four F’s Diet by H. Hooshmand, M.D. from the book: Chronic Pain: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Prevention and Management and it deals with dietary changes to make based on the assumption you are not diabetic. (CLICK HERE)

Check out the website of Dr. Neil Levin regarding an easy approach to an Elimination Dietary Protocol to heal Leaky Gut. I am not associated in any fashion with the links I have listed here and I do not endorse any items they are trying to sell to you. All supplements need to be plant-based for the body to absorb them and make use of them in the body. I am finding that cost effective brands found ready are actually synthetic and/or sourced from ground rocks. This is actually more harmful to your body than doing without the suppliment in the first place. Watch for an up and coming article regarding finding safe and effective vitamins and supplements or research it yourselves. The three names I know of are Axe Naturals, Megafoods and Garden of life.


This disease is systemic: effecting the vascular, nervous, autonomic, and immune systems and there could be more I cannot remember right now. I’m still learning and this disease is ever evolving through the medical journals at a snail’s pace. The fact that this disease affects four or more systems quantifies it as a dysautonomic condition. Some doctors agree with this statement, some do not. Please visit Dysautonomia International for more information.


Watch for upcoming “how to” videos on how I’ve gone about making some of these lifestyle changes. You can watch my introductory video by >>CLICKING HERE<<. Please look for me on social media through the links I’ve provided on the blog and do leave me a comment, suggestion or criticism, I value the input.


Please remember: I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on t.v., as well, at the time of the writing of this article I do not work in the medical field. The information I am sharing with you is information which I have collected from various sources such as personal office visits as well as online from qualified medical professionals and other legitimate sources. Understand the FDA and many doctors and medical professional do not agree with me, some might and few do. It is advised that you consult a licensed physician before starting a new dietary, exercise, therapeutic, and/or homeopathic programs and/or protocol care plan changes. Finally, one must remember not everyone will experience the same results, your’s could be better.

May blessings be upon you … and … I pray God heals you indeed.





Published by lisa proctor

Since 2012 I have suffered the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Moreover, through lifestyle changes, I've taken back control of my life and regain much of the independence I thought lost to me. It is for this very reason I wish to share my discoveries with others with the hope that it will serve you as well.

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